Suddenly I am 20 again, a student with an orange moped parked outside and a huge bundle of clothes in the dryer at the local laundrette. What a nostalgic 50 minutes or so I have had here, as I wait for some bedclothes to dry for my father to help him out. He’s having a rush of visitors and so the apartment would be full of drying bedding for days in between.

I never imagined it would be such a trip down memory lane. The certainty of a 20 year old, no shades of grey, right or wrong, good or bad, cool or not. Student days at Bath University studying languages when secretly I wanted to do sociology and hang about discussing things that REALLY MATTERED! Happy exploratory days discovering a world outside my home town, people from different cultures and countries, parties til the small hours, demonstrations of protest…. And now and then lots of laundry!

The click that indicates it’s done. So it’s back to 2014 for me.

Can’t wait for wednesday

“Can’t wait for Wednesday” . I watched my neighbour on the tube enter these words on his phone.
I read the words and looked at him, a man with a tired face dressed in clothes that suggested hard physical work. Turkish perhaps.
My active imagination immediately started creating stories about who it was to. what Wednesday might bring…. A steamy romance, catching up with post divorce children, the day someone dear to him arrives from overseas, an audition for a big movie part….so many possible scenarios.
I was starting to look at him differently. From tired and defeated looking building site worker to man with adventure, joy and possibilities ahead.
And then I looked up.
“Can’t wait for Wednesdays?”, read the headline of an advert for a bargain travel agent that releases it’s top bargains on a Wednesday.
I looked at my neighbour again registering my disappointment that it wasn’t a message he was sending to someone. But then again perhaps he was planning the trip of a lifetime……

Time to get off the tube…