Flowers and a note attached to a lamppost next to her regular spot outside Waitrose. Maxine has died, the handwritten note announces and expresses loss at her passing. 

A homeless woman who sat in the same spot most days for years. Maxine, she told me when we chatted the first time. I gave her bigger sums of money every few months and each time a brief chat. Other times a smile or wave of welcome. Often you get people sat on the step with her, not sure who was offering who support. 

A face that showed a tough life. She was probably younger than she looked. 

And now she won’t be at that spot any more. I hope it was s peaceful death. Easy to worry about homeless women in particular. She said she had finally got a flat some months ago and wasn’t seen for ages. We didn’t chat after that. I hope she did get her flat and found some peace there.

Farewell Maxine.