Suddenly I am 20 again, a student with an orange moped parked outside and a huge bundle of clothes in the dryer at the local laundrette. What a nostalgic 50 minutes or so I have had here, as I wait for some bedclothes to dry for my father to help him out. He’s having a rush of visitors and so the apartment would be full of drying bedding for days in between.

I never imagined it would be such a trip down memory lane. The certainty of a 20 year old, no shades of grey, right or wrong, good or bad, cool or not. Student days at Bath University studying languages when secretly I wanted to do sociology and hang about discussing things that REALLY MATTERED! Happy exploratory days discovering a world outside my home town, people from different cultures and countries, parties til the small hours, demonstrations of protest…. And now and then lots of laundry!

The click that indicates it’s done. So it’s back to 2014 for me.


2 thoughts on “Flashback”

  1. Flashbacks like this, which you described so very well, caused by familiar activities or scenes or smells, are always so bittersweet for me, especially when, for a few seconds i experience my young self again. I loved this post.

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