Can’t wait for wednesday

“Can’t wait for Wednesday” . I watched my neighbour on the tube enter these words on his phone.
I read the words and looked at him, a man with a tired face dressed in clothes that suggested hard physical work. Turkish perhaps.
My active imagination immediately started creating stories about who it was to. what Wednesday might bring…. A steamy romance, catching up with post divorce children, the day someone dear to him arrives from overseas, an audition for a big movie part….so many possible scenarios.
I was starting to look at him differently. From tired and defeated looking building site worker to man with adventure, joy and possibilities ahead.
And then I looked up.
“Can’t wait for Wednesdays?”, read the headline of an advert for a bargain travel agent that releases it’s top bargains on a Wednesday.
I looked at my neighbour again registering my disappointment that it wasn’t a message he was sending to someone. But then again perhaps he was planning the trip of a lifetime……

Time to get off the tube…


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