Weekly photo challenge : cover art

This challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/cover-art/ is all about images that could be cover art for books, records….



18 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge : cover art”

    1. Yes, for a book cover, but this square format image is more suited for use as a record cover. Abbey Road has no type on the front and Exile on Main St has no room for type on the front, so it’s perfect!

      1. I think you need to look a little more closely at who replied to your comment because the image above is not mine.

        Yes, we all understand the idea of a cover is to sell what’s inside. Your comments set in stone that space should be left for type. I’m pointing out this is not always the case, citing Abbey Road and Exile on Main St as examples which have achieved critical and commercial success and are regarded as iconic record covers. There are other examples.

        I award an A* for Abbey Road and Exile on Main St. Regarding the paltry D grade, next time I’m in the classroom I will try and do better 🙂

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