Precious moments

I’ve spent today with my 84 year old father. There’s nowhere else I’d rather have been.



It’s still only November but the last weekend I am down to stay before the Christmas away my youngest sister and I have organised for us, something different for this first Christmas without our mum, his wife.

Armed with his carefully crafted list we braved the busy town centre, my dad holding my arm. Some while later we made it back to the car with armfuls of bags and a huge sense of achievement. Mission accomplished.

Then later after a treat of lunch overlooking the water and an essential post lunch snooze, some hours happily spent together with paper, ribbons and labels wrapping gifts and sharing memories and stories and tea and mince pies. Priceless. Moments to treasure. Always.


One of the most moving things I have seen recently.

The weekly photo challenge theme prompted me to post this even though it’s a video rather than a photo. A man’s descent into Alzheimer’s and his farewell through song celebrating the love and life he’s had, a life and people he will soon not miss as his Alzheimer’s makes that not possible.

My heart goes out to his family and others who are losing someone to Alzheimer’s – and to those like us who in the end lose someone very precious – for us, our mum.