Simple lifeĀ 

On the croft and it’s been a week of making bread and jam, picking spinach to eat minutes later, watching lambs being born, walks on a deserted beach and both silence and chats with friends. 

The days feel long and full of rich experiences. Very grounding. Feeling very much at peace. 

My usual London life feels far away – a life with supermarkets full of produce flown in from around the globe, shops groaning with designer gear made by underpaid people in countries near and far, traffic jams, tubes, noise. At the same time though a life full of galleries, theatres and museums, the distinct and very multicultural feel of different parts of the city, work and leisure opportunities. Most importantly my life with a loving husband who eagerly awaits my return.

And I will on Sunday. Happily. I miss waking beside him. 

Meanwhile I treasure this time. Free from the demands of my work, living each moment and feeling close to and connected with the earth around me. Simple uncomplicated but massively rich life.