I shall miss….

The sunsets and sunrises on the beach

Waking early and itching to get out to explore what’s new and around me 

Turkish bread toast with smashed avocado and the best coffee at a little cafe for breakfast

My many lovely Aussie friends 

The huge sense of peace and relaxation this holiday has given me 

And I will enjoy being greeted home by John and beginning a new non working life in the UK – adventures to come, more time with people I love..

But I will miss the big Aussie skies! 

Back againĀ 

A lifetime ago I sat here in this popular (noisy) cafe overlooking the beach. That time not alone – with the young very enthusiastic president of the student union I was Head of HR for. It was part of my induction. Mostly it was an opportunity for him to talk and for us to have a delicious lunch overlooking the beach. Those were the days. 

I’ve had lots of opportunities to be reminded of my Sydney life in my first week back here. Friends reminding me of the life and loves of then, work colleagues reminding me of some of the big things I did, back in the day. Leading changes across 3 countries. A lifetime ago.

Watching the city workers in Martin Place last night spilling out of their offices ready to engage in weekend life. Strappy shoes and fitted dresses. Used to be me. Like a relay race. The baton passed to others to make their contribution. 

And here I sit many years later eating a delicious kale and avocado salad, drinking watermelon juice after a morning swimming and enjoying the sun, and just a bit of quiet amongst the social whirl of my holiday. Really appreciating these little top up moments. Time to be, to think, to not think, to remember, to forget, to unwind. 

It’s been a working life of contribution to others, doing my best to make things work better for them – better services, better places of work, better leadership, better people practices. And now there is the contribution I have promised myself to give Dad for as long as he has – to do what I can to reduce his anxieties, ensure he feels loved, help him out with practical stuff, be a sounding board, be a loving daughter. The contribution I make too to my lovely marriage with John ( so reciprocated – he’s such a giving loving caring man) and of course the contribution to my friends all over the world. They’re so precious. 

And now there’s lots of time for me – feels like a start. My trip to Aus is clearing the cobwebs, creating space just to be and think about what next. 

My life couldn’t be more different now from how it was when I was here in this cafe all those years ago. I could never have predicted it. It’s a different life but a happy one. Looking forward to what comes next and most importantly just enjoying what is.