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Weekly photo challenge: descent


Very topically we remember those who died in the 1914-18 war right now and a stunning reminder 888246 ceramic poppies cascading (descending) at the Tower of London- each representing a life lost.


It’s a very moving sight. If you want to see more: http://poppies.hrp.org.uk

Can’t wait for wednesday

“Can’t wait for Wednesday” . I watched my neighbour on the tube enter these words on his phone.
I read the words and looked at him, a man with a tired face dressed in clothes that suggested hard physical work. Turkish perhaps.
My active imagination immediately started creating stories about who it was to. what Wednesday might bring…. A steamy romance, catching up with post divorce children, the day someone dear to him arrives from overseas, an audition for a big movie part….so many possible scenarios.
I was starting to look at him differently. From tired and defeated looking building site worker to man with adventure, joy and possibilities ahead.
And then I looked up.
“Can’t wait for Wednesdays?”, read the headline of an advert for a bargain travel agent that releases it’s top bargains on a Wednesday.
I looked at my neighbour again registering my disappointment that it wasn’t a message he was sending to someone. But then again perhaps he was planning the trip of a lifetime……

Time to get off the tube…

Look there’s a rainbow

…. That’s what I wanted to say as I walked towards my office this morning, because there it was dramatically over Balham and no-one seemed to be noticing it.

Heads down, sleepy and reluctant or just plain determined looks on their faces people were scurrying along the pavements mostly on the way to work I imagine. No one looking across the street at the amazing rainbow there.
Not wanting to be the strange lady bothering commuters on their way to work, I said nothing.

But they missed out.

Something very extraordinary and almost magical about a rainbow even though people have tried a number of times to explain the science of them. None of those explanations seem to come close.

A wonderful sight to start to a working day.

Weekly photo challenge: dialogue

This photo challenge invites us to find two photos that are some way in dialogue- both on the same theme. An echo of each other…
My take on this is two images of multicultural London taken in the same part of London the other day. I remember thinking as I took them both how I love the cultural mix that is my now home town.