And life will never be the same againĀ 

A colleague today heard her husband wasn’t at work, his boss wondering if there was a problem. Lots of calls around and no-one knew or had heard. And then an unknown number called. London Underground Police. They said they needed to come and talk to her. Not going to be good news. The tortuous wait in my office away from too many eyes til they came. Her young husband had died. Unexpectedly. And suddenly her life was never going to be the same.

My heart went out to this lovely young colleague, mum to a 3 year old. No words can help. No ability to empathise can really give me anything close to an understanding of the harrrowing loss of that moment. 

And things will just keep unfurling for her. The cousin who came to fetch her will help her navigate the conversations that need to be had, the things to be done, to cope with the overwhelming loss. Others will step in. But she starts a life with a huge hole in it. 

My heart goes out to her.

Tonight I will hold John close. Another reminder of mortality. Every moment we have with our loved ones is precious. 

It was just going to be a Monday like many others. For her there will never be a Monday like it