Here comes the sun….

was playing as I entered our wedding ceremony, music chosen by John. It would have been a composed entry but my 86 year old father’s words as the door was opening (“I’m so proud of you”) was enough to bring the tears. A tactful friend passed me a tissue as I cried my way up the aisle on my father’s arm, though given my father’s dodgy leg it wasn’t clear who was holding who up. 

I do’s said as rings exchanged and our first married kiss. Signatures, confetti, hugs, photos and a happy stroll along Kings Road to our little wedding reception brunch with champagne, all sorts of yummy foods and an unforgettably good pistachio and rose cake. Kieren’s nervous but heartfelt speech, my father losing his way in his speech but still bringing the house down. More photos and hugs and then farewells and off on our honeymoon to romantic Italy. Later that night on a terrace overlooking Florence, holding hands feeling peaceful and happy. 

It could not have been more perfect a day celebrating our love with the people we love.



5 thoughts on “Here comes the sun….”

  1. Congratulations. I had a little tear in my eye, being a romantic, for you having such a wonderful and heartfelt day and your beautiful words showed me images of what your wedding was like 🙂

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