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It’s a good day


My partner away working overseas, so woke on his side of the bed. Funny how we develop sides. Indulged myself with breakfast in bed, self service, because I’d woken early. Hot shower, leisurely dress and then out into the cold bright day, big blue sky with interesting clouds. Sometimes wish I could remember all that stuff I learnt at school about clouds. Most of the time I just marvel at them – especially from a plane up high.

I decided to walk to the underground three stops away to get some air and lift my somewhat sad reflective mood. Took some effort to make myself do it and not take the easy option of the first or second station. As always though felt so much better for doing.

And my rewards ?
Feeling energised for the day ahead.
Seeing the sky in the photo above.
Having a young guy turning a corner taking stuff into a shop give me a big smile and say “looking lovely”- in a way that was just intended to brighten a day, no more than that. And it did.

Tuesday. Ready for what lies ahead and feeling like I want to make sure I can make others’ day too.