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Monday musings


Reluctantly dragged myself limb by limb out of our very warm bed. Trainers, gym clothes, fluorescent pink socks – all tracked down, put on and off I set to my personal trainer session. What was I thinking to agree to Monday morning at 6.30 am? Cold, dark, wet outside so sped round the corner to the gym. A half hearted smile by the girl on the desk – felt like a mandatory requirement of the role to smile yet there wasn’t anything she felt less like doing. Can’t imagine how early she’d have got up to be there for gym opening time so the wan smile was fine by me. Heroic even.

The gym was pretty quiet. I wonder how many had succumbed to that pull back into bed…just five more minutes, then five more and then just too late to go. I’ve been there. The intentions the night before are so clear, everything seems possible. Reality hits though when the alarm goes off and the possible and desirable of last night suddenly doesn’t seem so possible any more. A momentary virtuous feeling came over me to note how few others had made it.

Jara, my Estonian trainer, friendly, encouraging and just the right amount of pushy, wasn’t yet there so I started anyway. A mistake perhaps to start with the lying down on my back on the mat ones. Took some effort to get back up again but the fear of being found asleep on the mat was just too powerful. Up I got and crunched and stretched and squeezed and lunged and was well underway with the programme when Jara arrived and immediately the pace picked up. Didn’t want to disappoint.

One hour later, I headed home with a strong sense in various body parts of a good work out and undeniably wide awake. Ready for the day. Quick shower, change, make up applied then breakfast and off to work. Transformed from reluctant sleepy gym goer to woman on way to work. Maybe after all a good start to a Monday. Must do it again tomorrow….or maybe not.