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Acres of time…

I love that feeling of acres of time ahead at the start of a holiday. Even now with our 10 days in Greece nearly done there is a spaciousness still. So much time to simply sit and be.


My favourite time, the early mornings as the low sun slowly rises, before the full heat of the day. A wander through the quiet alley ways of this tiny Greek island town, stopping to note the colours, a doorway here, a view over far away island there. And as I wander imagining all those people tucked up in their beds – some snorers, an arm round a loved one, some curled up like a ball, old and young, sleeping soundly still. There’s a peacefulness about that imagining of a town still mostly asleep.

Then down to the harbour for a cappuccino and hot freshly baked bread bought from the bakery and back to my still sleeping partner. A swim and a muse in the sun on loves and losses, on good intentions for my life back in London soon. And then finally he wakes and these precious solitary moments are done … Til tomorrow,


The last few moments at work drag by. Nearly but not quite. Almost time to switch off the screen, balance the documents on one of the piles that has appeared on my desk of late. Looks more like a field of molehills than the pristine workstation many seem to be able to achieve. Just not me. Ever.
A few more to go.
Another last minute email request pops in. Quickly dealt with, an eye firmly on the clock in the bottom right of the screen.
And now it’s time.
Out of office message switched on, bag packed up, sunglasses on at the ready and it’s out into the sunshine and the sense of being on holiday has started.
There is nothing that beats that feeling. Nothing. A delicious feeling of anticipation and freedom.
And tomorrow the flight, the new faces and places and acres of time that open up before us.
Holiday time.