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Daily prompt: write here, write now

This daily prompt challenges us to blog just in the present tense
So here goes

Time travel is operating now and I am 22 again and an English as a foreign language teacher in Morocco and once again alarmed to find out the school has a contract with the Moroccan police. I am starting a fairly beginner level English class for them the following week.


I turn up one week later, ushered through gates and more gates and then doors and more doors and I make it to a room. Wobbly legs and an urge to throw up out of fear are my strongest memories of the feelings. As the door swings open a group of about 30 Moroccan policemen in rows jump up. I am a 22 year old, very inexperienced, leftish wing young woman in her first job after university realising there is no way out. Can’t leave now. Feels like nothing in my life so far is helping me in this moment right now. It’s just me and them and right now. Eyes fixed on me. I can’t disappoint.

The first session is a blur. Some laughter, not at me but with me. I think. Terribly polite. All very surreal. Longest hour Ever.

The present tense. The subject of this blog and the tense these students were up to. We stagger along in the classes. Me dreading each one, fearing being found out to be someone masquerading as a real teacher and somehow getting away with it week after week. Yet they are learning, laughing, relaxing, all coming back time and time again.

I am getting braver. My naughty side decides that singing is a good idea and I know just the track. This one :

Perhaps little known fact: Eric Clapton’s “You look Wonderful tonight” is all in the present tense.

Perfect for this blog then.

And perfectly surreal to be a 22 year old English teacher in Morocco singing along with 30 Moroccan policemen to “you look wonderful tonight”. They loved it. Me too.

Always a memory I treasure.

So if you ever in Morocco come across an older Moroccan policeman singing “You look wonderful tonight” you’ll know why.