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Dodging showers in London

Very waterlogged we are these days in the U.K. Homes flooded, images of people in boats in what was their garden or street. Fourth floor flat in London and think our chances of floods in the kitchen are slim. We’re lucky.

So in the context of rain and floods no surprise to wake to the sound of rain again. Thoughts of long walks about the streets of London put aside. An inside alternative sought instead.

Headed off to Tate Britain. An inspiring gallery on the Thames. Art interspersed with cappuccino breaks. A perfect wet Saturday morning activity.

Henry Moore sculptures. Lovely.


A curious piece made from car doors, Hoover pieces and maps of Africa. I really liked it.


Photos from Don McCullin. What an eye. Black and white paintings by Bridget Riley. Slightly hallucinogenic.

And lots more. So lucky to have all this on my doorstep.

On the tube home my iPhone took a photo by mistake. Decided to keep it. Who are all the people who belong to these feet? I feel a short story coming on.


Deliberate and accidental.All representations of the world around. Sculptures, photos, paintings. Great Saturday morning.