Last few days 

Two days off ending my working career. Such a mixture of feelings, the strongest being happiness. A sense of anticipation, a longing just for more time to be, to love, to connect, to think, to move, to lead that bit of life that’s squeezed usually into weekends, short evenings and holidays.

40 years working feels enough. I can look back with pride at what I achieved with and for people in my roles over the years. I came, made a difference, learned always,  worked with some great people and I left. My work took me to amazing places  – Morocco, Canada, New York, New Zealand, China for 18 months, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain…

Ending my working career back in social care in London was the right thing. A place of such heart and people doing inspiring things every day. I know I have made a huge positive difference. Over the last few weeks since the announcement emails from and chats with people who’ve told me what I meant to them and how I made a difference for them. So very moving. Humbling. And in return this place of great people, commitment, values, innovation gave me a lovely last 3.5 experience of work, lots of satisfaction, fun, appreciation. 

So two more days, more farewells, meetings and contribution. I will be very sad to leave and at the same time absolutely ready to go. It’s good to feel sad about leaving. They’ve meant a lot to me and me to them. That matters.

And then from Wednesday the next phase of my life starts. I’m ready. 


9 thoughts on “Last few days ”

  1. The worst bit for me was to come to terms with was the loss of daily social contact….and even if I didn’t necessarily get along with some work colleagues I did miss that social interaction. As for filling in your time with your activities…that is easy! We find that once friends retire they are very hard to get in contact with let alone tie down to a get together …..all to damn busy. Enjoy

    1. Yes I can understand that! It will be interesting after the first two months of mostly holidays will be like! Pretty confident though that I’ll quickly get the hang of it!

  2. Thanks Susi,

    As my manager for the past two or more years it was a pleasure working with you. I grew so much under you and it was really sad to see you go, but that’s life. I wish you the best in retirement. I’m sure you will find an intersting way to ensure yourself as you always do. And i’m sure you will keep impacting people. Again thank you very much.

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