All brexited out…

It’s shocking that the vote turned out as it did and since last week we watch things fall apart. Horrific increases in racist attacks – a new legitimacy to their “get out of our town” mentality. Children asking parents whether they will have to leave the UK. Employees from Europe worried about their future status. 

Families and communities split. Views held deeply. 

Concerns about jobs being lost as companies plan to exit the UK and European funds to places like Wales and Cornwall will inevitably cease. 

The pound has fallen by 10%. Property prices in London already tumbling. 

 Labour and Conservative parties unravel. The smiling Boris who won over so many to the Out view that even he didn’t really subscribe to, is forced out by the horrible Gove who in turn hopefully won’t survive the process. Shakespearean. Farage insulted our European colleagues in the European Parliament and brought shame on us all. Lies and deceptions have abounded. One by one they are proven to be untrue. 

And Jeremy, a good man, hangs in when he really should step back but who is there to step forward as an inspiring leader? The right man for the wrong time. 

Having heard the shocking results when I was in Berlin enjoying feeling European it felt like irreversible damage has been done.  In a world where partnerships and alliances and shared interests are essential we are stepping back to go it alone. A fantasy that we will return back to past glories.

It’s been shocking. And now we all have to live with the consequence of the decisions of a small majority  in a world where it seems there isn’t a plan already there to deal with the consequences.

I shudder to think what follows.


4 thoughts on “All brexited out…”

  1. It’s unfortunate all the possible repercussions weren’t clearly expressed before the vote was taken maybe people would have given it more thought before marking their ballot papers. It’s scary to see just how quickly hatred and violence can be stirred up in a seemingly civilized country.

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