Everyday inspiration – a letter

Today’s challenge set is a writing a letter – the option chosen is a “letter to a bad habit you have”. 

Dear you

It’s over. You’ve been expecting this letter for a while I know and yes the time has come to part. 

I’ll miss you in a way – we’ve been together so long – but its the best thing for both of us. 

You have to admit you’ve had a good run. In homes and hotels in different parts of the world you’ve made your mark. Pristine empty new apartments or hotel rooms ruined within what seems like minutes – clothes strewn everywhere in your all too familiar way, piles of books and papers emerge like molehills, no surface left uncovered and where do all those toiletries come from? I have to give it to you, you’re consistent and prolific. You’ve had a good run indeed. 

Untidiness my friend it’s time to part. Decluttering it’s the latest thing. Books on Amazon by experts. And you know me so well of course I’ve already bought two of them. 

So yes it’s goodbye. Well not today, and of course tomorrow is out and Monday is a busy day so it’s definitely goodbye very soon. I just wanted to give you a heads up. 



3 thoughts on “Everyday inspiration – a letter”

  1. love your letter. i couldnt pick just one bad habit so i changed topics. wishing you the best of luck with you future tasks.
    i was also wondering, im up to day nine on everyday inspirations and it told me to reach out to someone whose writing i admire for an interview or collaboration for day 19. i would really like to work with you if your interested.

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