Everyday inspiration -list

Day two challenge – a list
Things I like:
The feel of your hand in mine
The sound of rain falling on a caravan when safely inside
To make a difference – to help people feel more skilled and confident
To do Zumba with all the young girls and not to care that I’m not wearing quite the right clothes and that I’m a good 40 years older than some!
To be getting on the train to Plymouth, as I am now, to spend a few days with my 86 year old Dad. Precious time with him making memories for the years ahead.
Chocolate. Expensive chocolate that is. Hershey bars, much anticipated, really disappointed. Green and Black. Now you’re talking!
Kneading bread and then having the smell permeate through our flat as it cooks.
Watching contemporary dance like Ballet Rambert last night.Beautiful fit bodies doing amazing things. A riot of colour and movement.

My old home city of Sydney and my current London one. Both so different. Both so lovely. Happy and sad times in both. Heart broken in one and filled again in the other.
My friends for so long. Knowing each other through so many twists and turns of life. I treasure each and every one of them. Our well trodden stories. Do you remember when…?
Waking early and realising it’s not yet time to get up. Snuggling up with you for just a bit longer.
Great coffee sitting watching the world go by in sunny places around the world.
Capturing the essence of a moment in a photo.
Seeing people’s kindness to each other. Unexpected kindness. And loving the response when it’s me doing this. A seat given to an tired older Moslem woman on the bus last night.
A smile shared with a stranger on a sunny day’s walk.
Feeling appreciated and valued. And showing others how I appreciate and value them.
Opening a new book with the anticipation of the pleasure ahead.
And did I mention chocolate?


3 thoughts on “Everyday inspiration -list”

  1. I laugh at the zumba reference. Before I tore up a knee, I had 35 years on the next kid in karate class last year. I ran with the six to twelve years Olds. The instructor loved it. You are as you go as you act. I refuse to act my age! 😉

    1. Oh yes! My role model was my grandma who at the age of 98 told me that she was always surprised to see herself in the mirror as inside she felt so young. May that ever be me too!

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