Everyday inspiration – an image 

Today’s challenge – talk about an image.

A bottle of Tresor sits in your bedroom at the window overlooking the boats of Sutton Harbour. Always there to remind me of you. Two years since you died and just over three years since your dementia took you to the nursing home.

Month by month you just faded away. Less present, frailer, less connected to us all, more peaceful.
I can still feel your hand in mind that last weekend. The scent of Tresor as I kissed you goodbye. I treated each farewell as if it might be the last and this time it was. I wanted just one more. To tell you again how much I love you.
So now I have the bottle of Tresor and when I close my eyes I can feel you close.

I miss you


One thought on “Everyday inspiration – an image ”

  1. The fading of a person into the twilight is a terrible thing. I went through it with my father. He had a cancer that ravaged him. He was aware but stripped of the ability to change. I feel for you.

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