In my thinking about just too many things this morning I managed to delete my wordpress app….and having trouble restoring content on the new one! The frustration of not quite understanding enough about how things work to fix it! I have sent a question into the wordpress world and perhaps the cavalry will come.

I am weary. Full on family stuff, caring for and worrying about Dad for weeks and suddenly this weekend a couple of days off. On Sunday I felt like one of those end of the party balloons…a tiny bit of air in but mostly spent! Sleeping and reading and sleeping was how the day passed! Can feel energy starting to top up but fear like my iPhone that the charge won’t last long!

Ho hum.

It’s a moment by moment, day by day kind of time. Should have been restored by a holiday break but that didn’t happen so it’s grabbing the moments as they appear.

Saturday was creative – always works for me. Sourdough bread making. Loved it. Flour and water, oil and salt and with a bit of magic the most delicious loaf appeared!

image image image image