Sad news

I learned recently of the very sudden unexpected death of a former work colleague’s husband, a man full of life and vigour. Early 50s and he and his wife, my friend, were just embarking on the children grown up and away, next phase of their lives. A new home, a full new life ahead of them both. And now suddenly not. A new life ahead for her and not one she would have ever imagined.

My heart goes out to her on the eve of the funeral, saying farewell to someone she saw herself having so many years ahead with. A space now in her life, huge, gaping. I feel for her pain tomorrow and the days, weeks and months ahead and for her two children. We’re never old enough to lose a parent.

To lose someone at this time of year where every magazine, radio or tv show are in full festivity mode is even tougher. Though always unbearable whatever time of year.

I held my partner tight when I heard the news. Who knows how long we have but I am reminded to savour each moment as if it could be our last, to make it a good contributing loving life full of everyday kindnesses and generosity to each other. To never regret last words being harsh or things left unsaid. To have love be what we remember most.

9 thoughts on “Sad news”

  1. That first Christmas without a loved one is especially hard, but being so close, the festive season will never be the same for that poor family. My heart goes out to them. ❤

    1. Yes me too. We’re facing the first christmas without my mum but she didnt die this time of year… I just cam’t imagine how tough it will be for them all. Thank you for commenting

  2. It’s an especially hard time for people in this situation. I also have a friend whose husband died 12 months ago and she’s currently touring in the UK just so she won’t have to face Christmas at home without her husband. Think I’ll go give my husband a bit of cheek just so he’ll have plenty to remember when I’m gone. 🙂

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