My tomorrow, your today already and it’s the anniversary of the day we promised in front of friends and family that we’d love each other til death us do part.

Luckily death wasn’t the reason for parting. I used to fear that. Your persistent belief that the short lives of males in your family would mean you too.

Not death, no. You cheated over almost a year. Moved her into our bed every time I was away overseas working. Unforgivable though I’ve tried. Just can’t.

Our anniversary. All these years later, I still remember as if yesterday almost every detail of the joy and love filled day we made our promises. Family and friends gathered to celebrate with us. Such a lovely day.

Despite what happened, I regret none of our many many years together and can look back with pleasure at almost all of it. We were lucky. And then it changed and I will never really understand why.

You broke my heart.

As each year since we split, we exchanged emails on our anniversary date sharing the sadness of this day. Biggest mistake of your life you’ve said in the past. Too late. Way too late. Your actions were just too unforgivable. Yet I’ll love you always and feel sad on this anniversary date. Always.

My life has moved on in so many ways. A new country, new life, new love. It’s a full and happy life. I’d never have imagined.

1st October is a day to remember how life was. Anniversary day.