Where did all the clutter in our home come from? As part of my sitting with my feelings this weekend I took on to start a declutter while J is away and here I am on Sunday evening feeling somewhat defeated. Tons sorted, bin bags filled, a shredding frenzy and still there is more. Perhaps 3 months off work and I could crack it. Decluttering leave. Must be a category along with compassionate leave or maternity leave.

So much unneeded stuff. What was I thinking accumulating it all? Like molehills mounds appear in rooms. Clothes when the wardrobes are full, piles of books in the absence of bookshelves, things and more things, things that might come in handy one day, maybe. Things I have no idea how they got here. Unwanted forgotten gifts?

Stuff. Like my thoughts and memories. All cluttering up the corners of my brain and then the occasional avalanche when they tumble pellmell into my consciousness. A weekend of acknowledging, sifting and sorting. And sadness. Lots of sadness. Loss. A chat with my ex mother in law to express my condolences on the recent deaths in her family. That chat left me with a wave of sadness about my marriage to her son and the way it ended. Feelings all raw and on the surface again. Hard to believe it’s nearly 8 years ago now.

And I just try to be with the feelings and work my way through the clutter inside and around me. Getting there…



8 thoughts on “Clutter”

  1. Can I let you into a secret. Clutter in our lives and homes is rather magical. You can clear the clutter from home by bagging it and sending the good stuff to the Charities and the bad stuff to the council tip. That is easy. The trouble is that clutter is ‘magical’ as no sooner do you get rid of it than the Clutter magically reappears usually in increased volume…..I also suspect that Clutter in our lives reacts the same way. Here endeth the lesson for Monday. Have fun

  2. I always find that de-cluttering really lifts my spirits and I get a huge sense of achievement after it’s all done. OK, so it starts to reappear again, but as soon as I have another clear out, my spirits are lifted and that huge sense of achievement comes knocking at the door again.

  3. I really felt this post. It reminded me of a somewhat recent experience I had finding old journals. All that sadness attached to the pages. I intend to destroy them very soon–another means of decluttering.
    I so enjoy your blog. The emotions really come through strongly, even when there are few words.
    Hope your sadness is lifting. Sending good thoughts from way across the pond!

    1. Thank you. Touched that you enjoy my blog… Ah yes we have these sad times and then they pass. I remember getting rid of some old journals some years ago… And that felt good!

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