Acres of time…

I love that feeling of acres of time ahead at the start of a holiday. Even now with our 10 days in Greece nearly done there is a spaciousness still. So much time to simply sit and be.


My favourite time, the early mornings as the low sun slowly rises, before the full heat of the day. A wander through the quiet alley ways of this tiny Greek island town, stopping to note the colours, a doorway here, a view over far away island there. And as I wander imagining all those people tucked up in their beds – some snorers, an arm round a loved one, some curled up like a ball, old and young, sleeping soundly still. There’s a peacefulness about that imagining of a town still mostly asleep.

Then down to the harbour for a cappuccino and hot freshly baked bread bought from the bakery and back to my still sleeping partner. A swim and a muse in the sun on loves and losses, on good intentions for my life back in London soon. And then finally he wakes and these precious solitary moments are done … Til tomorrow,

6 thoughts on “Acres of time…”

  1. I have to confess, I’m a late riser and really appreciate the peace of night, it’s special sounds and sights. I let my husband enjoy the early rising 🙂

  2. Exquisite reminders of my own time there. Places and moments you described still very close to my heart and lifted here for a sweet walk down memory lane. I’m sighing even as I type this.

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