Weekly photo challenge: contrast


What greater contrast could there be between the view from our holiday villa on the small Greek island of Halki and our London life left behind …. Just for a week.

Fabulous contrast. Acres of time stretch out before us. Steps right down into the sea , sunshine on the terrace, time to read, snooze, muse and just be.

Perfect contrast.


6 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: contrast”

    1. Haven’t been for years and can’t remember why… The ease of slipping into a life just for a while with decisions to make no bigger than swim now or later, eat here tonight or there…. Ah yes lovely….

      1. Absolutely! My reason for not going for a while is that it was a place “we” went to and I’m not sure I can do “me” there just yet! Although I would be helping the Greek economy so in some ways, we should regard it as our charitable contribution. Sigh. Bloody lovely Greece.

      2. Ah yes, “we” places! I finally revisited Australia, Sydney, where “we” lived the last 10 years of our 22 years together… A visit after 6 years of being away and though tough great to reclaim it and start a new relationship with a place I’d loved and pick up with people I cared about… Will be easier next time., .. So yes get that!

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