Introverts Blog Quietly challenge : happiness

Happiness comes in all sorts of guises

There’s the quiet, meditative, peaceful happiness of time alone in a beautiful place like this


The heart will burst happiness of new love – can’t sleep, think, eat all consuming happiness of finding someone who lights you up.

The happiness that is being brought a cup of great coffee in bed of a weekend and knowing there is no rush to get up.

A call from a special friend the other side of the globe – shares laughter and tears over so many years. Her voice and caring make me feel really happy.

Mangoes, chocolate, sourdough bread, beautifully presented Japanese food.

Wandering the streets of a London, Shanghai and Sydney with my camera.

Happiness can be found on any corner any time. Just need to be open to seeing it.





































8 thoughts on “Introverts Blog Quietly challenge : happiness”

  1. What a wonderful collection of happy guises. All of them treats for the soul and all carrying different emotional expressions, yet really all are heart opening. Thank you!

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