Weekend coming up

Love a train trip. Always have. Usually I like to get to the station early, check the departure boards and reassure myself I have ages yet, which gives me time to:
Muse on others at the station and wonder where they’re going and why
Buy a cappuccino
Peruse the magazines and books in Smiths and sometimes succumb
But mostly people watch.

I love stations and airports. All the drama, big and small in front of you. Endings and beginnings. Holidays, romances, family reunions, tired looking business people with a case full of whatever it is they do, tantrums, tears, laughter, sorrow. It’s all here.

This time I realised almost too late that my train was an hour earlier than I thought so a race across London, a quick check of the platform and a rush to my carriage. Delighted to make it with 3 minutes to go and also somehow cheated. All the usual pleasures of a meander about the station forgone.

As I got on though a sight that always reassures:


The craziness and noise of the station left behind, the reassuring quiet of this carriage. A window seat, socket for iPad, headphones and let the movie start. My train treat.

Later, movie over, we approach the border with Scotland and the view from the window absorbs me til we arrive in Edinburgh. My old home town. A life before the life I have now. And always feel like I am stepping back in time.



Love a train trip


15 thoughts on “Weekend coming up”

  1. After lunch at a cafe here in North Cyprus with people yabbering on their mobile phones, I absolutely bless the idea of quiet coaches on trains in the UK. We travelled from Manchester to London in blissful peace and quiet!

    1. Ah yes I can imagine… North Cyprus. A very different world from here in Edinburgh. My guilty pleasure is paying the minimal upgrade charge to first class at weekends on the trip home.. Peace and quiet and a really comfy seat! Bliss…

    1. Oh yes indeed… Born Germany though English , lives in Kenya, Cyprus and Morocco , married a Scotsman, moved to Aus and became a citizen, then China, then no longer married, then London living with an Irishman !

  2. Like you, I prefer to get to airports early (train travel is a bit sketchy in the western United States). That way, I have no stress about needing to run through the airport to my departing plane. Instead I saunter, eavesdrop, snack, browse shops, and smile at strangers. Great post.

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