Happy Saturday

What a fine start to a day. Breakfast with my friend Barbara a friend for more than 25 years. Precious time just her and I. We continued our catch up, started the previous night, on recent happy and sad times, news of other friends, giggles over memories of times past, feelings, thoughts, hopes and aspirations. Lovely. How much I prefer time with just one person to the party scene.


Breakfast. My favourite meal of the day when there’s time. Fruit from a bowl I bought in Poland and carried it and more in hand luggage on my cheap flight, trying not to wince at the weight as I strolled to the gate. Luscious berries.

And on our table the tulips kindly brought the day before. Already overblown. Love them that way.


A stroll in the sunshine along to the Victoria and Albert Museum for an exhibition of Italian fashion since 1945. Wonderous creations beautifully presented and black and white films full of glamour of times gone by. What a treat.





And then to the Barbican for some glorious dance.


Such strength and beauty in their movements. The human body in all it’s glory.

A head and spirit full of inspiring things and all topped up with the love of and for a long time friend. A wonderful Saturday. Lucky me.


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