25 today

It’s my birthday today he said. Scissors in hand, perfect hair, tattoos covering most of one arm, a disarming smile and strong Spanish accented English.

Happy birthday, I replied.

25. That feels so old, he added.

Over twice his age I calculated.

He waved the scissors and smiled again.

I looked at the grey hairs on the floor around me and scattered across the gown they always make you wear and then commiserated with him on the passing of time.

25. So old. Indeed. Poor Davide.


9 thoughts on “25 today”

  1. I should dearly like to know what the devil your Spanish hairdresser (in London, presoomably) thought he was doing to contrast ages like that … Makes him feel good, maybe ?
    I would’ve kicked him in the balls on my way out.

  2. When I was 21 I had a friend who was 28 and I thought she was was ancient. What comes around, comes around. At 28 I went out with a guy who was 21. When he found out my age, he thought I was ancient. Needless to say, the relationship foundered. I do have to say though that I felt a certain sense of satisfaction when the young man came around to see how the golden oldie was getting on, only to find me having lunch with another, gorgeous man who was his replacement. The look on his face was priceless!

    1. Love it! Age is really interesting isn’t it. At what point do you remember we stopped counting the halves and three quarters… As children do “I’m five and three quarters”. I forget the age I am til others somehow remind me “oh yes my mum likes that too” etc…And I remembering managing a young gay man in Sydney who thought his life on the scene was over when he hit 30. Fascinating I think….!

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