First day

First day today. Coaching and mentoring qualification. Years of experience behind me and now the time and opportunity to get that stamp of approval.

As I woke today it gave me pleasure to remember the day that lay ahead of me. Such a thirst for learning , especially right now. Lots of things to occupy my over active brain and to distract me from family concerns. So I looked at my day ahead with anticipation.

Smoggy polluted London at the moment. Sand from the Sahara seems to have made it’s way all the way here. Not so long ago it was dust from Iceland. What a small place the world is. And dusty.

A tube ride and then a half hour walk through Central London streets. Strange light given the pollution. Early morning before shops are open and pavements heave with people. It’s a time I always enjoy. A leisurely cappuccino on the way. Even better. Felt lucky about this being my start to a Thursday working day.

The venue located, room found and the greeting of strangers, information exchanged for us to quickly get a sense of who these people are we are going to be spending days in a room with. And as the day progressed what they said or did reinforced or challenged those first assumptions. Such an interesting process for a people observer like myself. Both in the group and observing. Strange sometimes. But a position I’ve found myself in for as long as I can remember.

And it was a leisurely day. Too leisurely for me in fact. A walk in the park on a warm day kind of pace, all day. Felt a sprint now and then would have suited me just fine. So used to being in the trainer/facilitator place that being a participant can be challenging sometimes. Half an eye on how others do what they do, reflecting on what’s working for me and what isn’t and what I might have done in their place. A change of pace. Always something I look to create and experience. So a sprint or two today would have been welcome.

It was a leisurely stroll through concepts about coaching and mentoring, none unfamiliar but enjoyed the thoughts and ideas that were sparked by what I was hearing and the conversations I was engaged in. A time to reflect and muse. Away from the bustle of work. A time to think.

Precious time.


3 thoughts on “First day”

    1. I work in leadership development so coach managers. Wanting to really promote coaching and launch a mentoring scheme at the place I’m currently working.
      Are you in the coaching world too?

      1. No I’m not… Private Equity by day… Photographer at night/weekends! My husband had his own Management Training Company a few years ago… So he’s all into it. Good luck with it!

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