Three men peeing…

I feel somewhat embarrassed. Surely after over a week of not blogging here i could do better than to write about men peeing in public places. Seems not.

I live in a smart part of London. Flash cars, fur coats on a cold day, Georgian or is it Victorian, terraces, well insured art pieces on expensively papered walls, children with all the right accessories. Oh yes. The recession isn’t much in evidence here in Kensington. I marvelled recently at the clipped tones of a couple in their seventies, him in salmon pink way too baggy corduroy trousers, her in pearls and cashmere, almost a caricature of themselves, inherited wealth of course. I listened to their conversation over the bargain wines of the week in the local Waitrose as they discussed the merits of one over the other and the possibility of saving 5p. And in to their trolley went a couple of the cheaper ones, to join the smoked salmon, brie, fresh baguette and other such luxury items. Ah yes how they suffer in these financially straightened times. At least 10p was saved.

I have digressed. A brief scene setting has gone astray.

So in the leafy affluent streets of Kensington i saw two men peeing yesterday, not even in a very covert kind of way. One against a post box and the other half shaded by a car. And then today another near Victoria on the way to a training course. This man was peeing through the railings in a fence. Perhaps trying to beat his own personal best ?

Caught short. Needs must. Perhaps.

Not an option i have ever felt open to me, as a woman. Unimaginable that i ever would. Just can’t and won’t be done. Not that i am demanding a right to do so. No argument for equality being made here.

By no means no. I don’t feel deprived or robbed of my rights.

Just wondering why such a rush of public peeing. Wondering why these men felt it was OK.

Perhaps its one of those weeks, like National Potato Day or Learning at Work Week….Peeing at will week.

I think its enough though. 3 in 2 days.

Perhaps i’ll stay at home tomorrow just to break the cycle!


10 thoughts on “Three men peeing…”

  1. Disgusting that blokes think they can piss in the street. And its blokes who get upset about women breastfeeding their babies in public !!!!!

  2. I think it’s disgusting, to be honest. That, and spitting in public. I see footballers doing it, supposed to be an example, and think of old-time footballers who would never have dreamed of doing something so crude. Mind you, I did see a programme where a young woman admitted going out knickerless so that when she got really drunk and lost control of her bladder, it was easy to pee in public and not bother about wet knickers. Sigh…..I feel sad for her, to be honest.

  3. Isn’t there a law against peeing in public, especially on public grounds? In the USA there was a law against spitting on sidewalks because it was a health issue, yet I see men do it . Peeing in public could also be viewed as indecent exposure, and that is cause for arrest. It seems that we are regressing instead of progressing. Perhaps we could use tasers on them while they’re peeing….might cure them of the habit.

  4. I’m more offended by the old geezers so out of touch with reality! I detest anyone spitting in public. Worse maybe than peeing? Maybe a tie? Gross habits both. But that old couple need to cop on to a few current economic facts, methinks. Or maybe I’m just jealous? How much was that wine? ; ) x

    1. Yes I agree … Spitting is right up there too on list of nasty things!
      The wine… I think about £12. I suspect they never stray far from Kensington so would have little sense of how a life is for so many who struggle to decide whether to pay for food or heat…

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