A pause

Two months of posts every day, well almost every day. A one month challenge extended to two. And I was loving it. Enjoying the medium. Playing with different kinds of posts. Seeing myself as a blogger. Loving the likes and follows and reading what others were doing.

And then?

Well not quite sure what interrupted the pattern. But something did. And then I was like all those enthusiastic new gym members in January, burning with good intentions, by mid February reasons why not today become easier than packing the gym bag and ploughing through the rain to that spin class. And then one class missed becomes two and then more…. Gyms rely on these patterns. If every member was really active they just couldn’t cope. The same with slimming clubs… Good intentions, hot commitment, cupboards groaning with all the right things to eat and favourite snacks out of sight, then an event that absolutely requires a day off from the programme, no question about it, and then that one day then becomes two and then more… And the numbers on that dial on the scales slowly climb back up.

But that’s not how my story with blogging will go. My January and February daily commitment now will become a weekly one – one written and one photographic . As a minimum. All very do-able. Still committed. Still a blogger. Just different pace.

That’s what I am committing to up to end April.


Now where did I put my gym bag and trainers?



10 thoughts on “A pause”

  1. For me, blogging is more of a winter past time. Usually by the end of February I vanish until November. I feel that vanishing time soon approaching for this season.

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