A friend sent me this cartoon below

It made me laugh

Who’d have thought there were so many ways to procrastinate … Obviously never done that myself!

When I know doing housework looks more attractive than a task in hand, I know it’s procrastination going on.

I think of the types I am an internet traveller/ researcher. Something interesting, leads to something strangely interesting, then something else and time speeds by when perhaps I should have been :
Organising tax stuff
Decluttering newly emerged pile of stuff in the house
Making a tricky phone call
Braving the supermarket
Going to bed
Finishing a report….

What kind are you?


12 thoughts on “Procrastination”

  1. I am definitely the list maker! I have so many lists; a diary, calander at work, I am inundated with lists of things to do!

    1. Ah yes great procrastination technique to make another list! Your name – Cornish soul. Are you from Cornwall? Live there? I’m from Plymouth originally so just over the water…

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