My ideal introvert day

Waking to a warm bed, my partner having crept out earlier and managed unusually not to wake me.

A sense of space and time as I look at the day ahead. Stretching out in bed, luxuriating. A great coffee sought and then back to bed with yesterday’s Saturday Guardian to peruse.

A shower with my favourite smelly things -choosing one from the large range to match my mood of the day.

Selecting one of my favourite bits of funky jewellery, each one reminding me of the place it was bought or the person who’d given it to me. Having time to muse on those thoughts as I select and put it on. And all the time in the background, no sounds except the distinct call of Australian birds.

Aware as I write here that my perfect day has that bit of England and the life I love here combined with so much of my Aussie life. This is a blog. Those things are possible!

After tropical fruit and yoghurt and more hot steaming cappuccino it’s a long and leisurely walk by the sea stopping to sit and watch and muse or take photos. And a swim in the sea water pool by Coogee.

Late Lunch in the shade somewhere that I can watch people and dream up stories of who they are. Something yummy and healthy that has been beautifully presented.

And then? More walking, a potter at home, writing or reading or playing with Photoshop and photos.

Ending this perfect restorative introvert day curled on a sofa with a beautifully shot movie with fabulous acting and a compelling story. Something for my brain to chew over as I head to bed and later be aware of my loving partner coming home – after a day that has fed my soul, if indeed there is a soul. Fed my imagination, recharged my batteries, given my body the good food and exercise it loves and had time to create. Perfect.

Written in response to the daily prompt:

Nothin’ but a good time


17 thoughts on “My ideal introvert day”

  1. I love, love, love that pool. That would be incredible, especially if it were as empty as it looks.
    Cee and I love to people watch and dream up stories about them, too. I wonder if that is an introvert hobby? Wouldn’t surprise me.
    I think your day sounds quite lovely. Hugs!

  2. Oh yes it’s a wonderful pool. Women’s only, not overlooked and often quiet
    And yes the curiosity and imaginings about people is I think an introvert thing

    Glad you enjoyed the blog

  3. What I wouldn’t give to be able to use that pool is nobody’s business. Sighh …
    I totally agree with your scenario as being The Perfect Day, Suze – how could it possibly be improved on? 🙂

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