Weekly writing challenge: the sound of silence


I thought for a bit about this challenge – silence, perhaps something left unsaid or something better left unsaid, or just silence. Lots of ideas came to mind. One i decided to pursue – the silence you experience when it feels like time has stopped moving…enough explanation. Right into it.

Back from a couple of weeks in China, a strange greeting, tension in the air she didn’t understand. Perhaps jetlag or not having seen each other in a while. Troubling. But she went about the little normal things after a trip, while he finished the last of some work on a laptop on the dining table. Cases opened, things thrown in the washing machine, phone put on charge, a shower. The shower head lower than normal. Strange. She adjusted it back up.

Feeling a bit more refreshed, the smell and feel of an overnight flight now gone, she dressed, thinking about the evening they were going to spend together. A few words exchanged but not many. He needed to get the report done so she continued.

She ambled through to the room that had become an office though little used for work, each preferring the brightness of the living room. She plugged in her ipod to synch and download the next lot of podcasts for the long flight back to China in a week. And as she connected, up on to the monitor screen popped a photo.

Time almost stopped in that moment. Her brain ever so slowly took in what was before her. An image. Of people. Of Paul. And who was that draped on his lap? Debbie, the twenty something year old from his office. What was she doing that for?

A sharp intake of breath. Silence. Time stood still for what felt like forever. A rush of emotions and still no sound came. She closed her eyes and opened them again hoping that it was all a mistake. No mistake.

In the silence, breath held, eyes now full of tears, her life changed had forever.


18 thoughts on “Weekly writing challenge: the sound of silence”

  1. Ugh! Not to be gross, but reading this made me want to vomit remembering a similar revelation of my own. We’ve all been there at one point in our lives, right? Really well written!

  2. If I say I never experienced this, you’ll want to either throttle me or throw garbage all over me. It’s the truth: but it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the writing …

      1. DON’T THANK ME!
        I liked the story, even though if, as others said, too true to be enjoyable for many. I thought the writing was spare and effective. Do you have much time for writing, in London?

      2. I think you should try to find more time, only the gods know how, to write your short stories. That, or compile what you’ve already done … You have a nice conciseness.

  3. Susipet- beautifully written and oh so realistic. The horror of realising there is no other interpretation but the truth…love the image that goes with the words.

    1. Thank you!
      Those moments never quite leave you do they!
      Discovered a whole world of women who’d found themselves there…. And moved on, stronger ….

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