Daily prompt ; don’t you forget about me

I read this prompt about what legacy you want to leave behind, how you want to be remembered.

So here are some photos to explore this…


Why this one?

Taken just this morning in Plymouth my eye was drawn to the spaces between the uniform lines of the old train lines and the shapes of the cobbles – the green.

I’d like to be remembered by people who knew me at work as someone who looked between the lines, the expected. Someone who found and created possibilities. Someone who generated ideas and enabled new and unexpected things to happen with and for people.

Someone who made a difference.

And those who knew me in the rest of my life ?

Perhaps this :


A romantic and eternal optimist who lived a life without regrets.
Someone who brought pleasure to others, adding colour and life.
Someone who loved her friends and family, especially creating meals for others to savour round a dining table.
Someone who needed lots of quiet and space to be able to really enjoy her time with the people in her life. A contented introvert able to bring a sense of peace to others.
Someone who was always there for the people she cared for.
Someone who made a difference.



7 thoughts on “Daily prompt ; don’t you forget about me”

  1. That is absolutely beautiful. I might have to borrow those for my words. Except the “creating meals” part… I’m still working on that one.
    The thoughts I liked the best, though, were “looked between the lines”, “created possibilities”, and the idea of enabling people to experience life in a new way. I never realized it until right now, but that is important to me, too. That’s why I’m enjoying doing my introverts blog so much.
    Thank you for giving me a little insight into me!

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