Weekly writing challenge : my funny valentine?


The writing challenge is write about Valentine’s Day and one option given was write a card to someone, a card you’ll never actually send. So with a minor tweak i am writing the Valentine’s card message I didn’t send, back as a smitten 16 year old.

You’ll be wondering who this is from. You have probably hardly even noticed me. The girl trying to look older and more sophisticated than she actually is I am sure that Jenny might say – jealousy on her part – though if truth be told its hard to look sophisticated carrying one of those ice-cream trays. Luckily you don’t get to see that bit. you’re busy relaxing off stage. There I stand or sit on the right at the back by the door, or on the left if you are looking from the stage as you do. I try to manage those latecomers disrupting the magic you create up there. Ring a bell? Dark curly hair ? I’ve enclosed a photo just in case you can’t remember.

You won’t know that I scour the advance information about the plays coming down to our little Plymouth theatre. As soon as it’s clear you’ll be performing, then I sign up for every evening and weekend matinee I can. My parents wonder at my sudden passion for theatre. If only they knew that it’s the sight of you, the sound of your voice that makes my heart leap – nothing to do with Shakespeare or Brecht. It’s all about you Nick.

I can hardly sleep the nights before that week starts. Will this be the one when he notices me, tells me I am the most beautiful girl he has ever met and off we elope somewhere exotic ? That’s what I ask myself every time. You haven’t yet Nick but just want you to know that when you do, I’ll be ready.

Happy Valentine’s


6 thoughts on “Weekly writing challenge : my funny valentine?”

  1. Oh – this reminds me so much of a boy called Damien that I totally loved when I was that age – having said that, I don’t know what happened to him 😉 It really brought back some great memories, thanks Susi! 😀

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