Look out

For a while it was just me and this seagull waiting for the 14.11 train to London. Such a precise time, 14.11.

By the time it pulled in, the platform was full of singletons, couples and a couple of boisterous groups. Some like me heading home. Others perhaps heading for a new start , a new life. I can’t resist watching people around me in these waiting moments and making up whole stories in my head about who they are and what their life is like. I never mind waiting. My partner paces restlessly in such situations. He’s not a man designed for waiting. I just happily let my imagination wander.

So the train pulled in and some rushed frantically up or down the platform having realised their compartment number wasn’t where they were. Surprisingly that wasn’t me this time.

Lucky me. The heavily tattooed boisterous group of guys, perhaps a stag weekend, poured into the same compartment as me. A number of slabs of cans of lager and cider accompanying them. Oh my.

The closer we get to London the louder they are and the less sense they are making, to me anyway. They’re having fun though and are trying to keep those of us around them sweet. My worse fears not realised. Perfect calm though it is not.

And here I sit amongst the cans and the laughter, laptop out realising I have more work to do on something for tomorrow than I thought. My mistake. I start feeling annoyed with myself and a little resentful, if truth be told. I wish I was just able to play like the guys are even though drinking’s not my thing.

I block out much of my companions laughter and chatter listening to music through headphones. my favourite tracks list on my iPad. Must get this stuff done. Head down. Wish my brain felt clearer.

One of the tattooed drinkers has fallen asleep now and one of his mates has put a handkerchief on his head. The others can hardly contain their mirth. Phones are taken on phones. More giggling. The sleeper sleeps on and starts a bout of enthusiastic snoring. Guffaws from his mates.

Mad scramble now as they realise it’s their station. Arms, legs and empty cans, much laughter, the snorer rudely awoken, and they are gone. Perfect calm now.

So where was I ?



2 thoughts on “Look out”

  1. What a great recap of your train trip, Susi ๐Ÿ˜€

    I also like watching people and often wonder if others think I’m just a nosy stalker when I’m sitting in a cafe or restaurant! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Funny…nosy stalker! Wonder if they do think that…. I have always assumed people don’t really have any idea they are of so much interest !

      I love it the observation. People so endlessly fascinating….

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