Let’s imagine…

Let’s imagine everyone in this carriage was single and looking to meet someone new….says the ad in my train compartment. An online dating agency.

So I look around and imagine. Two old guys with rumpled lived in faces discussing trains, a Japanese woman with her over indulged grandson I imagine, protesting to no avail as he annoyingly is flipping through the photos on his camera, a Ping sound accompanying each new image. And then there’s a very old man with flat cap and sad face sitting hunched over his right wing newspaper.

I have imagined as the ad invited me to and I’m afraid I don’t find the possibility a compelling one.

Not that I am looking for romance, happily entangled with a lovely man. But just saying. If I was, it’s not a good thought.

So perhaps just something missing in the ad. Perhaps it’s more – Imagine everyone in this carriage was the kind of person to make your heart leap and was single and looking to meet someone new and that you were too…