Working from home

It always amazes me quite how focussed I am when working from home. Laptop open, head down and hours whizz by. Love to be able think, generate ideas, make connections, design and develop things without interruption. I end my day energised and satisfied with what I’ve managed to create.

Office days are full of people, meetings, chatter. All good. Great people. Motivated, interesting, committed, smart. I love making groups work, getting the best out of the people in the room. And yet as the day progresses I can feel my energy drop.

A typical introvert. My energy comes from inside. Love people, love spending time with them and at the same time know how they drain my energy. A day’s training delivery I need some quiet to recharge before the social evening event. I watch in awe of those who get livelier and livelier as the evening progresses, feeding off the energy of those around them. In awe but know that’s not who I am.

How about you?


7 thoughts on “Working from home”

  1. I’m an introvert, much to my surprise, reverted to type as I got older. I spent a lot of my life striving to be an extrovert and live up to other people’s expectations with the result I burned out with fibromyalgia. Now I pace myself but I’m very happy to spend time on my own, to replenish myself and to enjoy nature, the love of my young days. I decided I don’t like parties which is quite liberating, I like good, deep conversation with good friends and I’m very happy with my choices these days.

    1. Ah yes I recognise what you are saying.
      The pressure to be extrovert when younger!
      Such are the advantages of getting older! Something has to compensate for the wrinkles that appear overnight it seems!

  2. I worked from home for two years and found it to be the best working experience so far. I was able to focus far more than in a busy office and found I was far more productive. I can’t understand why work from home has not been adopted more!

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