Where would I be without them?
So many different ways to keep in touch these days. Words with Friends this morning with friends in Australia and make the most of the chat box at the side. Little exchanges that keep our closeness topped up despite the massive distance. I marvel at some of them and the words they find I’ve never heard before.
Facebook lead a friend I’d not seen for 25 years to make contact. We met. We laughed. We wondered why we had lost touch. Lucy had a vague memory of us falling out yet neither of us could remember what that might possibly have been about. We just lost touch. The days of letters and calls from phones attached to the wall or in phone boxes in the street. Seems so long ago. A different world. And now we tweet, Facebook, FaceTime/skype, email, phone from wherever we are, text, write and more. And yet like last night with 2 good friends round to eat, not much beats sitting and laughing and sharing round a table.


A food related photo for Christmas or thanksgiving . Sad but made me laugh!20140122-121907.jpg