A birthday day treat for my foodie partner John and off we went to Atelier Joel de Robuchon in London.  On a sunny (cold of course) day we stepped into a very dark venue, black and chrome and glass. Flawless service. Lots  of French speakers. A table right by the open kitchen where young men in black created dishes of beauty, imagination and exquisite taste. All of this activity diirected by and under the watching eye of the striking young French executive chef who now and then would step in to correct. So not only did we get to enjoy our dishes we could watch others being created and then delivered to other eager diners. A special pleasure came with getting our own. Yum indeed. Course after course. Stunning.

I always enjoy skill and passion and there was plenty at this restaurant. A joy to have a couple of hours there.


2 thoughts on “Yum…..”

    1. “Le Paris-Brest” with light praline cream and blood orange jelly..since you asked..
      Very similar of course to peanut butter burgers… How did you guess?

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