Operation Endeavour

Just listening again to news coverage of the pedophiles directing the abuse of children as young as 5 in the Phillipines from the comfort of those laptop in homes in the UK, Australia, US and other places. Unimaginably horrific.

What is it like in the brain of those men to think this is ok, to think they have a right to damage these children and rob them of their childhood, to get families in the Phillipines to collude in this abuse ?

My heart goes out to those children and families.


8 thoughts on “Operation Endeavour”

  1. This stuff makes me sick to my stomach! Don’t they even realize what they are doing to these poor innocent children. The ultimate of selfishness.

      1. Yep… There’s something about this, the directing the abuse from the other side of the world all to be enjoyed live on a screen … Even more dehumanising of the children involved..

  2. Was watching an episode of Law and Order yesterday dealing with pedophiles. It was sickening but just like you I was asking myself the question – What is going through their minds? Why do they even do this?

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