One person’s clutter…

Declutter vb

1. to simplify or get rid of mess, disorder, complications, etc: declutter your life.


At the beginning of January I accepted a challenge to do a 30 day, daily 30 min walk/10 min declutter. It was a somewhat reluctant acceptance due to the declutter part. Not a passion of mine. In fact my partner would no doubt describe me as having a special talent for creating piles. A clean room created and within not too long a small pile emerges, growing swiftly or slowly but always growing.  And then like a molehill, a new one starts appearing somewhere else.


A modest example you can see here!

I am deeply impressed but also somewhat intimidated by people who have homes without all those piles, clean sleek lines, a place for everything and everything in its place. I love the feel of it there but if truth be told I like to imagine that if you open one of those cupboard doors a landslide of stuff will emerge. The thought gives me comfort. The only possible explanation for all that order.

So the challenge. 10 minutes a day. So far I’ve taken on decluttering the spice shelves – mystified how I came to have for example 3 lots of paprika but no fennel and embarrassed to see how old some of them were! 2010 bay leaves. Really ? Next came my inbox. A relief to let go of 18 month old junk email. A couple of book piles now sorted and a wardrobe. So many very similar black t-shirts. Probably don’t need more! Next challenge involves more bathroom bottles, potions and products than a person probably needs in a lifetime.

So far real progress and it’s only day 8. Even I am amazed at the clutter I create and the things I hold on to but don’t realise. And though I hate to admit it am even enjoying the slightly virtuous feeling of decluttering.

And what are the chances of a clutter-free life post end of the challenge? Who knows! It’s just a 10 minute a day for 30 day thing for now. Keeping to that commitment is what’s important.

Wish me luck! 23 days to go.