The challenge is on…



Dragging dragging myself out of a warm bed today was not easy knowing it was still dark, still wet and of course cold outside. January in London. Feel like a mole during these British winter months, a mole living in a dark tunnel.The hours of daylight just way too short. So easy to let that sap all energy. 

With some reluctance I headed to the tube, squeezed into a packed compartment on my way to work, all the time thinking of Australia, my old life there, the sunshine, my friends. Feeling more than a little sorry for myself I got off one tube and waited on the next platform ready for another tube. My eye was caught by this poster – can’t remember now quite what it was advertising, something about ships and adventure. It doesn’t matter. The words “Achieve something remarkable” were what held my attention. They woke me up. The opportunity for me to do something remarkable lay ahead. A choice open to me. So I took a photo on my phone to remind me whenever I need that.

And here it is.

Rain and dark and cold and remarkable is still possible.