Probably the best….in the world !


Every time I pass this sign in Plymouth bus station on the way to pick up something from town for my dad, I smile. I smile at the tentative yet extravagantly bold claim. The chances of finding the best pork pie in the world at £1.10 in Plymouth bus station, even “probably the best”, have to be slim to none. Yet there it stands boldly month after month, defiantly almost. I admire the boldness and also the almost disclaimer of “probably”. That “probably” will come in handy should anyone try to challenge the “best in the world” part, perhaps having experienced his or her best ever In a bus station, service station or even corner shop elsewhere.

As for me, a non meat eater, I will never know. And I like to keep it that way. The possibility that perhaps it is indeed the best in the world, tucked away in an English bus station, astonishing and delighting hungry bus travellers.

Walking away from the bus station, musing on that sign, I was behind an elderly couple for a while, tightly holding each other’s hands as they maybe have done for the last fifty years. But maybe not. Something much newer perhaps. My friend Barbara’s dad has just died. At 96. At 92 he tentatively told her about his new girlfriend looking for her blessing.  A new romance at 92. Now that’s a possibility for all to be open to! He had four happy years with her and died with her at his side. We would all wish that for those we love.

So I want always to be open to be opportunities and surprises, whether it’s the best pie in the world or a romance In my nineties.